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There are two preinstalled fans here. One is in front of the drives cage:

And the other is on the rear panel:


Both are installed properly. I’ll talk about the intake fan below. As for the exhaust one, the good grid on the rear panel and the grill on the interior can be noted – the manufacturer didn’t try to save on trifles. The power supply is supposed to be placed at the bottom of the case.

Not a popular place for it. This provokes some minor troubles I’ll talk about below.

Aluminum doesn’t have a high mechanical strength, so there are special hard-alloy inserts in the places of threaded connections.

Thus, the threading in the holes for the expansion card’s mounting bracket is unlikely to get damaged.

The intake fan is placed in a kind of an aluminum capsule secured with two screws:


It is easy to remove and is also equipped with a dust filter:


This is a common filter made from some foamed-plastic material.

That’s a common solution, quite sufficient for keeping the PC clean in most situations, but not in this one. Considering that the side vents and the intake opening for the PSU do not have any filters, this filter only keeps dust away from the drives and the intake fan. The problem can be solved: you should just put dust filters into the side panels and the PSU air inlet (the filters won’t increase the resistance to airflow much because of the large area).

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