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The optical drive being nestled in its place, you can move on to the power supply. It is to be installed at the bottom of the case. The modern PSU will take air in from the holes in the system case’s bottom:

Unfortunately, PSU manufacturers didn’t suppose their products would be placed like that and the cables go rather far from the mainboard.

The idea is good, however, because the cables go exactly where they should, but the cable with the additional 4- or 8-pin connector is going to be too short with the PSU placed like that. So, you have either to choose a PSU with long mainboard power cables (and there are not many such models available) or elongate the cable as I did. I took two pieces of shrinkable black and yellow film with a total length of 1 meter, a soldering iron, a cable from an old PSU as a donor, wires, and half an hour of time. It is rather a tedious job to elongate 8 wires by 15cm each, I should confess, but the result was worth the trouble. The cable was now long enough to reach anywhere.

Note how the other cables are placed – in a neater way than when the PSU is placed in its customary position at the top of the case.

One brace on a sticker proved to be especially useful:

It helped collect the cables together tidily, but it takes a mere second to release them when necessary. The additional power connector on the elongated cable is attached from above.

If you find free cables after you’ve assembled your system, you can tuck them down under the drives cage:

Tie them up and put them in there.

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