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There are single-use brackets in the external bays:

We wrote about the drawbacks of this solution before. It’s hard to tear them off and you can’t put them back again.

Like with the previous model, it is easy to assemble a PC in this system case. The case has become taller, providing easier access to all the components. It’s a real pleasure to assemble your PC in a 3DAurora 570. Its classic chassis and an internal design like that of a full-tower case are considerable advantages over the rest of the products reviewed in this article. The plastic lock of the expansion cards has been left intact, too:

It is the same ingenious contrivance that prevents the expansions cards from sliding off when you open the lock with the system case standing upright. Hard disk drives are installed in a matter of a few seconds. Attach the rails…


…and insert the whole thing into the bay:

5.25” are installed without rails even. On the downside is the poor fitting of the panels:

There is a noticeable horizontal slit under the drive. Short devices like my informational panel are installed normally, though:

The assembled system looks somewhat empty:

It means that this system case will suit people who like to change their components often. The shining logotype is still here:

This time there is no blank panel in the kit, but you can easily solve this problem with a piece of opaque scotch tape.

Providing easy access to every system component and featuring an aluminum chassis, a superb ventilation system and a simple assembly procedure, this system case is surely the best one in this review. With all its advantages it costs about as much as the ASUS Vento that has a much worse chassis. The only thing you should remember is that the 3DAurora 570 is somewhat taller than an ordinary middle-tower case and may not fit into some computer desks. In fact, its size is different from the other test participants but it is as expensive as the cases from ASUS and Cooler Master, which makes the comparison correct. So, if its dimensions and appearance suit you fine, you should certainly consider it as a possible buy. Its excellent chassis is worth your attention.

As for the exterior, there exist Mars and Mercury models based on the same chassis. The former has a different front panel design (particularly, it lacks the decorative door and has a different design of the bottom part) while the latter is additionally equipped with an integrated water-cooling system.

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