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Exterior Design and Functionality

The case itself looks good, too:


The designers must have taken their inspiration from the Alien as represented in the namesake movie. There are a lot of details here that resemble the head of that fantastic creature. The main advantage of the new design is that the case has got rid of the useless thickening in the bottom part that did not perform any function save for aesthetical (which is arguable because that was the thing many people didn’t like in the original Vento) but made the case very wide. The second edition is also much better than the original as concerns the fitting together of the panels and the quality of manufacture. The lovers of the brand should appreciate this.

The idea of the blocking mechanism of the external bay cover has remained the same, but the design of the lock is different. Now you don’t have to press on the lacquered panel leaving your fingerprints on it. You just put your finger gently on the ledge in the bottom part of the cover.

Released from the lock, the panel will rise up smoothly:

The smooth movement of the cover is indeed a breakthrough compared with the Vento 3600 model as it used to jump up and hit the top of the case. Don’t play with this thing too much, though. The group of hinges and levers for moving the cover is made from ordinary plastic and its service life will prove too short under heavy use.

The ordinary user shouldn’t worry, though. The cover is going to live through two or three system upgrades unless you jerk it a dozen times each day. Interestingly, the cover has an intermediary, half-open position.

We don’t think the cover was meant to have it. It is just due to the design of the opening mechanism. With no practical use, this can even be harmful: the cover sticks out much further than the front panel in this position and you can shove and break it off by accident. When fully open, the cover hovers above the case.

There is no risk of your damaging it now, but the case may prove too tall to fit into a low niche of a computer desk. The Power button is designed in an original way:

It is located under the cover lock and is combined with a Power indicator. The indicator of your drives’ activity is placed to the left. The button and LED are concealed by the decorative panel so that the light from the indicators didn’t disturb you in darkness.

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