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We installed two additional 80x80x20mm fans on the case rear panel. All case fans were connected to the mainboard, the automatic fan rotation speed adjustment was enabled in the BIOS and all settings were at their defaults (fans started at 30°C and reached their maximum rotation speed at 60°C).


We completed the system assembly quickly and without any problems. The graphics card fit in on first attempt. Aerocool engineers provided a very convenient opening in the horizontal panel separating the case internally right where the additional power supply connectors for the graphics card are located. Note that if the graphics card cooling system is taller than the reference standard, it will not fit into this case.

The interesting thing is that M40 can even accommodate two GeForce GTX 295 graphics cards, although you will have to remove the upper HDD chassis in this case. One HDD may be installed in the lower part of the case instead of the floppy drive or card-reader. If you are trying to put together an SLI/CrossFire configuration of graphics cards with power supply connectors laid out horizontally, then you won’t need to sacrifice anything at all.

Enermax Liberty ECO power supply unit was a perfect fit for this project. Despite removable cables, it is 140mm long and hence fits perfectly into Aerocool M40 case. Besides, other 140-mm PSUs will also suit this system case quite well, such as: Corsair CX400, Ikonik Gaia, Enermax MODU82+ and PRO82+, etc. Of course, you should pick a PSU with the capacity corresponding to your system’s appetites.

By the way, if you remove the upper HDD chassis, you will be able to install and even bigger PSU. In this case there will be only one slot available for a hard drive, and none for a 3.5” card-reader or floppy drive. In our case the only hard disk drive was installed in the upper chassis.

Despite pretty densely packed case, power cables were arranged easily inside it: the mainboard power cable went beneath the DVD drive, and video and HDD power cables ran between the DVD drive and the HDD chassis.


The gear thing about M40 case is that it opens in two separate halves. This way you get easy access to the mainboard and everything on it. As a result, installing our mainboard and doing the cable management took us about the same time it would with a full-size case.

Additional 80-mm fans were attached to the default retention frames “on the ground floor” of the system case, next to the CPU. The 120-mm fan remained in its original spot on the case front panel.

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