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Another test, Prime95, doesn’t touch the graphics card, but loads the CPU to its maximum. We ran it in “In-place large FFTs” mode with eight computational threads.

As you see, the CPU temperature stays within acceptable range: the CPU package heated up to 58°C during the first 15 minutes (this time interval is shown on the chart), then its temperature increased by another 2°C and stalled at 60°C over the next 30 minutes. The hottest CPU core registered 75°C.

Unlike a more compact Antec  NSK1380, Aerocool M40 case allows using coolers up to 110mm tall. It means that Cooler Master GeminII S is not the only possible choice here. You can also use Thermalright AXP-140 and even Cooler Master GeminII that doesn’t look little at all.

Nevertheless, even with GeminII S the noise generated by this system under heavy load increased acceptably. We couldn’t call the system too noisy, although the air hissing became more noticeable. The CPU cooler and 80-mm case fans contributed almost equally in this case.

The maximum power consumption read 280W.

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