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3DMark 2006 Canyon Flight

Earlier we launched resource-hungry synthetic applications that were not so typical for most users out there. Now we are going to see how our system performs in 3DMark 2006 “Canyon Flight” gaming test.

Well, this is a pretty good result: the CPU heated up about the same as in FurMark and the graphics card temperature didn’t even reach 90°C. The system didn’t suffer from any overheating issues, and even though the noise was higher than in idle mode in terms of volume as well as spectrally, it shouldn’t be too annoying, since no one really plays games in absolute silence.

The maximum system power consumption in 3DMark 2006 was 356W.

The conclusion is evident: yes, we can use DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 as a basis for a very compact and very powerful system, which we did in our Aerocool M40 case. Without any special effort we managed to achieve relatively comfortable acoustic level and absolute operational stability. Although assembling a system like that sets certain requirements to the CPU cooler, graphics card and power supply unit, we could easily meet them.

In conclusion we would like to show you what our new compact system looks like side by side with a traditional tower case represented by XClio Blackhawk. And this is not the largest ATX case out there…

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