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The fastening plate for expansion cards turns on a screw which is handier than a detachable plate.

Removing the side panel of the case, you can see a massive contraption for installing a full-size optical drive. It goes through the whole case and is fastened to the chassis with screws, making the latter more rigid. And the chassis needs this as its steel is a mere 0.5 millimeters thick. But again, the compact dimensions save the day: there is no rippling or vibration.

The installation device for an optical drive is massive and provokes our suspicions that we are going to have problems installing our CPU cooler.

This is indeed so. Our Scythe Shuriken rises above the power supply the drive’s mounting plate rests upon. As a result, even Intel’s boxed cooler is too tall to be installed together with a DVD drive. Like with the Foxconn case, the user has to face a hard choice: not to install an optical drive (which is not so necessary for an office machine) or to use a mainboard with an Atom processor and passive cooling, or look for a cooler about 4 centimeters tall.

The system case has an unusual layout: a narrow and long power supply lies next to the front panel. A 3.5-inch rack is near the side panel.

The HDD rack is detachable. You only have to find its fastening screw hidden on the exterior of the back panel. The rack is also supported by guides in the chassis.


Everything is neat and tidy when assembled but our configuration does not allow installing an optical drive.

P.S.: I have to point out that one of the optional IW-BM648 configurations comes with a tray for a slim notebook DVD drive. In this case you can obviously also install a drive as well as a CPU with a compact but not very tiny cooler into this system case.

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