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You can install two external devices into the plate: a full-size optical drive and a small card-reader. Why not something else? There is a power supply right behind and the compartment is not long enough for a hard disk or a floppy drive.

Included with the case is a small accessory – this angle-shaped connector - that helps change the direction in which the cables are connected to a DVD-drive. It allows “rotating” them by 90 degrees.

Our Scythe Shuriken fitted easily into this system case, so there should be no problems choosing a CPU cooler for it. If you think that a compact boxed CPU cooler is going to be too loud, you can buy the above mentioned model from Scythe or any other similar low-profile efficient cooler.

Yet we found a problem as soon as we tried to put the drives’ mounting plate in. The case is just a little shorter than needed. As a result, the back part of the optical drive (we took the shortest model measuring only 170 millimeters in length) is so close to the CPU area that it starts to fight with the CPU cooler for the free space. This problem is not a mere nuisance, by the way. Even a very compact boxed cooler from Intel does not fit into this system case together with an optical drive, hitting with its fan blades against the cables.

This is where the above mentioned angle-shaped connector comes in handy. When we install it onto the drive, we can redirect its cables away from the CPU cooler:

Of course, in this case a relatively large cooler like Scythe Shuriken won’t fit inside RS-224 together with a DVD burner, but cooling solutions using 80 mm or 92 mm fans will go in nicely. The only thing to keep in mind in this situation: it would be best to have a cooler with a covered fan frame (like the Glacialtech cooler on the photo above), because without it, like by Intel boxed coolers, for example, the cables from the DVD burner may get caught into the fan blades.

The rest of the assembly (there’s not much to be done, actually; you only have to hide away some cables) goes easily.

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