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The final diagram compares the cooling efficiency of the tested system cases:

So, we’ve got a winner and a loser in each test mode. The Antec wins our tests thanks to its 80mm fan which can be most effectively set opposite to the CPU heatsink. The loser is the passively cooled HKC 007: the 2.5-inch HDD was hotter in it than the 3.5-inch drive in the other system cases.


Maintaining the high reputation of its manufacturer, the Antec ISK300-150 is the favorite of this test session. It is both the quietest and coldest among the tested products. If you are not taken aback at its compatibility with only 2.5-inch HDDs and slim optical drives, you may put it on your shopping list. It won't disappoint you.

The HKC 003 and Thermaltake RSI H SD100 are desktop system cases of similar quality. The former is perhaps quieter if you are lucky to have a good fan in its power supply, but the latter features a more attractive design and supports cheaper and higher-capacity 3.5-inch hard disk drives.

The HKC 007 is quite an ambiguous product due to its very nature. On one hand, it cannot keep the components cool because of its all-passive cooling. But on the other hand, it is the smallest system case of all! If you install an SSD into it, you will have a perfectly silent computer with no moving parts.

The Delux DLC-MS126 doesn't have anything extraordinary to offer in comparison with its competitors. However, it may be appreciated by corporate users as it allows building a very inexpensive (with ordinary, rather than compact, components) yet small nettop.

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