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Accessories and Assembly Tips

The accessories provided with the system case are packed into the optical drive bay. They are not too numerous:

A user manual, fasteners, and a small USB adapter.

This adapter is used to connect the standard IR-receiver for working with Windows Media Center Edition. Although the receiver is equipped with an ordinary USB connector, it has to be installed inside the case. The internal design of the case is up to its pricing. Everything is simple, without any extravaganza.

A non-detachable cage for HDDs is placed in the right part. A hanger for the IR-receiver is on the left. The optical drive box is in the center.


The hanger for the IR-receiver is designed in a very simple way. It is a metallic bracket with a piece of dual-sided scotch. The receiver is just glued to the bracket and it is the quality of the scotch that determines the reliability of this fastening.

If you remove the optical drive box, you can access the card with front interface connectors and the seat of the informational display.

I want to note the sloppy fastening of the card I mentioned above. The card is secured on two guides that are not fixed with anything on one side (the two drops of polymer glue do not help at all). As a result, the card just slipped out of the guides during transportation and I had to put it back again myself. The same thing would happen when I was using the case. When I plugged in a USB device with effort, the card would just fall back into the case. This is not a great problem, however, as you can pull the ends of the guides together with a brace and the card will be fixed firmly.

I have complaints about the coaxial S/PDIF output – the cable it too thin.

I’ve got doubts about its quality, too. Even though it is a digital interface, electromagnetic interference is still undesirable for it.

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