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The numbers are satisfactory. This system case will do for a midrange PC configuration at the very least. You can even assemble a top-end configuration in it if you pick up your components wisely, yet the NMEDIAPC HTPC 288 SA is not functional enough and is not perfect in its design (particularly, in the design of the Power and Reset buttons) to be used for a top-end configuration. This case is going to satisfy people who are building an inexpensive and universal HTPC and want to be free from any compatibility problems. You only have to make sure that the exterior of this system case is going to match the appearance of your hi-fi equipment well.

So, you’ve got enough information to decide if this system case suits you as a HTPC case. If viewed as an inexpensive system case for a desktop PC, the NMEDIAPC HTPC 288 SA seems fit for the purpose in terms of its price and functionality. If you add an inexpensive remote control, compatible with Windows XP MCE, to it, you’ll have a very good system case for a small-size home PC.

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