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Here you can see four rubber feet your PSU will stand upon. The two outermost feet have two positions that correspond to short (below 17 centimeters) and long (19 centimeter and more) PSUs.

Take note of the neat black cables from the Phantom’s buttons and controls. They are combined into a single cable and labeled.


Each 5.25-inch device is fastened with a plastic lock without using any screws. Although the device gets fixed from one side only, the fastening mechanism is quite secure and handy. There are also holes on both sides of the 5.25-inch bays for ordinary screws. The plastic locks can be taken off altogether if you don’t need them.


HDDs are also installed without screws, using special guides with four prongs on a rubber frame. You just put your HDD onto a guide and insert it into its bay but it’s rather easy to scratch your HDD because the plastic is stiff. The vibration absorbing properties of the guides are also rather questionable.

You can install up to seven HDDs in total (five into the main rack and two into the additional rack). Both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDDs are supported. There are appropriate mounting holes in the bottom of the guides for 2.5-inch devices. The second HDD rack is removable. You can take it out by unfastening a few screws.

The back-plate cutout in the mainboard’s mounting plate allows installing and uninstalling a CPU cooler without taking the mainboard out of the system case, yet it is not very large and may not match the CPU location on some other mainboards. There is a hole in the top right corner of the mounting plate for a CPU power cable.

There are actually a lot of holes in that plate for hiding cables behind the mainboard. The rims of the largest holes are rubberized, and the others are just rolled in. There should be no problems with laying out all the cables in this system case.


It was easy to assemble our testbed configuration in this system case as it is very roomy. The CPU cooler size limit is 180 millimeters. The PSU can be as long as 245 millimeters and expansion cards, up to 370 millimeters! Any graphics card will fit in here. And if you take out the additional HDD rack, you will be able to install a 370mm PSU, too. The HDDs are packed rather densely, about 5 millimeters apart from each other, in their rack, so the side fans may find it difficult to cool them.

The chassis of the Phantom is made from 0.8mm steel and is very rigid. The quality of manufacture and painting is very high. Every edge is properly finished.

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