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Circuit Design

The circuit design doesn’t resemble anything we’ve seen so far. The NZXT HALE90 series is based on a platform from Super Flower (Golden Green series) whose products have never made it to our labs as yet.

Like in the Seasonic-based HALE82 series, there are DC-DC converters for +3.3V and +5V voltages on a separate card which is located amidst a crowd of output capacitors.

The DC-DC converter card is covered with insulating plates from both sides, so we couldn’t examine it closely.

The other daughter card, located near the mains connector, carries a PWM controller SF29601. It is an exclusive Super Flower chip.

The PCB gives us some information about wattage ratings this platform supports. The range is wide, from 400 to 1200 watts.

The quality of manufacture and assembly is impeccable.

The PSU employs United Chemi-Con capacitors. Particularly, there are 16V/3300µF W-series components at the output. Every capacitor is rated for an operating temperature up to 105°C.

Cables and Connectors

The NZXT HALE90-750-M model is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (56 cm long)
  • One CPU cable with a 4+4-pin connector (73 cm)
  • Eight connectors for detachable power cables

Included with the PSU are:

  • Two graphics card cables with one 6-pin connector on each (55 cm)
  • Two graphics card cables with one 6+2-pin connector on each (55 cm)
  • One cable with three PATA power connectors and one floppy-drive plug (55+15+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with four PATA power connectors (55+15+15+15 cm)
  • Two cables with four SATA power connectors on each (56+16+16+16 cm)

The HALE90-1000-M comes with a cable with two SATA and two PATA power connectors (55+15+15+15 cm) instead of one of the 750-watt model’s cables with four SATA power connectors. Moreover, it additionally has the following fixed cables:

  • One cable with four SATA power connectors (58+15+15+15 cm)
  • One mainboard cable with an 8-pin connector (72 cm)
  • One graphics card cable with one 6-pin and one 6+2-pin connector (50+20 cm)

The power connectors are identical and you can connect any cable into any of them. Each PSU connector has all the voltages whereas the cables’ connectors only use those voltages that are necessary.

The photo shows the connectors of a graphics card cable (on the right) and a SATA power cable (on the left). You can see that they use different wires.

We guess the cables of the HALE90-750-M are close to perfect. This PSU only has two fixed cables which are going to be used in any computer system. The CPU cable is long enough for any system case. And you can plug any detachable cable into any PSU connector.

The HALE90-1000-M is somewhat less perfect because the second CPU power cable is going to be unused in many systems. On the other hand, this solution can be understood. It would be hard to increase the number of modular connectors without redesigning the entire PSU.

The cables are similar to those of the HALE82 series and are not as flexible as flat cables of other PSUs.


Like the HALE82 series, the HALE90 models differ in their +12V load capacity: 83 amperes for the higher-wattage model and 62 amperes for the lower-wattage one. In either case the load capacity of the +12V rail is over 99% of the PSU’s full output power.

The combined load capacity of the +5V and +3.3V rails is lower compared to the HALE82 series but 120 watts should be more than enough for modern computers anyway.

We can remind you that the HALE90 series is 80 PLUS Gold certified.

UPS Compatibility

Working together with our APC SmartUPS SC 620, the HALE90-750-M was stable at loads up to 375 watts when powered by the mains but could switch to the UPS’s batteries at 300 watts only. The HALE90-1000-M was stable at 385 and 290 watts, respectively.

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