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Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520

This PSU hails from Antec’s gamer-oriented High Current Gamer series. It’s a second model from below, after a 400-watt one.

The PSU comes in a rather large box that’s painted Antec’s traditional black and yellow. The classic color scheme is complemented with the red and white elements of the company’s gaming series.

Exterior Design

The HCG-520 is painted a rough matte-black paint with the red and white elements of the gaming series.

The exterior design is quite conventional. It’s a metallic box with blank panels except for the fan grid and the back mesh. The fan is placed in the center and its grid is shaped peculiarly like a square with rounded-off corners.

There are stickers with the manufacturer's name and PSU wattage on the sides of the case. There is also a table with the electric specs on one panel.

The overall appearance is nice, notwithstanding the lack of anything extraordinary.

Circuit Design

Antec does not develop PSUs, so let’s try to identify the real maker.

As opposed to the VP450P model manufactured by FSP, the HCG-520 is based on a Seasonic platform. The internal design, except for the color of the PCB and heatsinks, is identical to the 520-watt Seasonic S12-II Bronze.

I don’t think I should dwell on the familiar circuit design. I’ll just mention a few differences from the original product.

The daughter card near the mains connector is different. In the Antec PSU it has a PS223 chip which is responsible for voltage monitoring and overheat/overload protection.

An Infineon ICE1CS02 chip works as a PWM and PFC controller. Its daughter card is located in the opposite corner from the previous card, behind the input capacitor.

Like the original Seasonic, the Antec HCG-520 employs electrolytic capacitors from Nippon Chemi-Con (also known as United Chemi-Con) which enjoy a very good reputation. You can see KZE series capacitors at the output.

Cables and Connectors

The Antec HCG-520 is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (55 cm)
  • One CPU cable with a 4+4-pin connector (63 cm)
  • One graphics card cable with two 6+2-pin connectors (50+12 cm)
  • One cable with three PATA power connectors and one floppy-drive plug (55+15+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with three PATA power connectors (55+15+15 cm)
  • Two cables with three SATA power connectors on each (55+15+15 cm)

As opposed to the original Seasonic, the cables are sufficiently long. The HCG-520 is also better than the previous models in this review in offering a good selection of connectors and having all of its cables sleeved.

The higher level of quality of this product is indicated by the availability of two graphics card connectors. This PSU is obviously meant to power not just office machines. It's not without reason that it's got the word Gamer in its model name.


The PSU specifications coincide with those of the same-wattage Seasonic S12-II Bronze unit and are up to today’s requirements. You can get 480 watts (92.3%) out of the full 520 watts across the +12V rail.

By the way, it is the only PSU in this review to be able to power each of our three reference configurations.

UPS Compatibility

The PSU was stable with my APC SmartUPS SC 620 at loads up to 365 watts when powered by the mains, but could only switch to the UPS batteries at 280 watts.

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