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The PSUs have split up into three winners and three losers according to the results of my tests.

Of course, the first group is the most interesting one. It includes the Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520, Enhance ATX-0240GA and Thermaltake Litepower LP-450AH2NF.

The gamer-oriented PSU from Antec is going to be a good choice for a large system case with a bottom PSU bay, especially if you want to have a reserve of wattage for future upgrades. It is considerably more expensive than the other two leaders, though.

The Enhance ATX-0240GA is excellent in every parameter, including noisiness, and also comes at a lower price than the other two. So, if you don’t have plans on upgrading your system beyond its capabilities, it can make a perfect affordable PSU.

The PSU from Thermaltake takes an in-between position. It features good compatibility with UPSes but has short cables. Besides, the peripheral power connectors are not distributed among its cables in an optimal way. If you are sure that the cables and connectors won’t be a problem with your system case and PC configuration, you won’t be disappointed with it.

Now I want to add a few words about the less successful products.

The Antec VP450P is a real disappointment. Being highly efficient, this PSU has a very unstable +5V voltage, poor fan speed regulation (the fan accelerates linearly right from the start) and an undeservedly high price. It is only cheaper than the other Antec in this review, but the latter is free from the mentioned downsides and offers much more power on the +12V rail.

The Cooler Master can only be praised for its handy cables but there are too many shortcomings about it. Its real wattage is lower than the specified 400 watts. Its circuit design is outdated, its efficiency is low and the fan can be heard even at minimum load. This product is priced like the Enhance although the latter is superior in electrical and acoustic parameters, offers as many connectors and has longer cables.

The suicide from ExeGate is actually even better than the Cooler Master if you do not try to squeeze the specified 500 watts out of it. This wattage is as unrealistic as the Cooler Master’s 400 watts. Otherwise, it is cheaper than the Cooler Master RS-400, comparable to the latter in noisiness, has higher real wattage, and offers a better selection of cables and connectors. On the other hand, this PSU is uncompetitive against the products from Enhance and Thermaltake in terms of price/quality.

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