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OCZ’s Mainstream Performance PSUs include this ZS series and the CoreXStream Series 500W. The OCZ-ZS550W is the junior model in the ZS series which comes in wattages of 550, 650 and 750 watts.

The PSU is shipped in a medium-sized black-and-blue box which is individual for each model in the series.

The box seems to lack a carry handle, but you can spot a cutout in the cardboard when you turn the box upside down.

Here’s the handle.

The accessories include a user manual, fasteners and a mains cord.

Exterior Design

The OCZ-ZS550W is painted the same black and blue as its box. There’s nothing extraordinary about its appearance except that the fan grid lacks a manufacturer logo in the center.

The rim of the fan cutout is somewhat sunken in to reduce the gap between the PSU case and the fan impeller. This should have a positive effect on the fan’s noisiness.

The back panel is a honeycomb mesh. The mains connector and On/Off switch are complemented with a sticker informing you that this PSU is designed for 230V mains only.  

Circuit Design

The previous OCZ product we tested – the ZX1000W model – was manufactured by the Chinese maker Great Wall. The OCZ-ZS550W comes from the better-known Sirfa.

Although from a junior product series, the PSU features a rather advanced design. Particularly, it boasts dedicated voltage regulation based on magnetic amplifiers.

It also has active PFC but is limited to 230V mains.

The quality of assembly and soldering is high.

The CM6800TX chip serves as a PWM & PFC controller.

The 4-channel supervisor Sitronix ST9S423 is responsible for monitoring and protection.

The PSU employs high-quality United Chemi-Con capacitors at its output.

Cables and Connectors

The OCZ-ZS550W is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (49 cm)
  • One CPU cable with a 4+4-pin connector (67 cm)
  • One graphics card cable with one 6+2-pin and one 6-pin connector (60+14 cm)
  • One cable with three PATA power connectors (62+8+8 cm)
  • One cable with four SATA power connectors (72+10+10+10 cm)
  • One cable with four SATA power connectors (40+9+10+9 cm)

Every cable is sleeved. All of the cables are long, except for one with SATA connectors, so this PSU is going to be suitable even for very large system cases. However, these long cables may become a problem in a compact case where you have to hide them somewhere.

We can also note that the connectors are placed too close to each other on each cable, which may be a problem, too. We guess it’s easier to connect, for example, hard disks if the connectors are placed with a gap of 15 rather than 10 centimeters on a PSU cable.

The selection of connectors is quite sufficient for the PSU’s wattage.


There is only one indication that this PSU is not very advanced. The load capacity of its +12V rail is only 456 watts or just a little higher than 80% of the full output power.

The rest of its specs are normal: up to 130 watts on the +3.3V and +5V rails combined and up to 3 amperes on the standby source.

The OCZ-ZS550W has 80 PLUS Bronze certification.

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