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The products from Chieftec and Enermax stand out among the half-dozen power supplies we have tested in this review. Both feature handy modular design and meet the 80+Bronze requirements. Their other electrical parameters are good, too, and they are quiet enough, especially the Enermax. However, the Enermax NAXN ENM850EWT is considerably more expensive, so the Chieftec BPS-650C may look like a better buy in terms of price/performance ratio.

The Cooler Master GX 750W is somewhat inferior to the pair of leaders. It cannot boast modular design and its voltages are not so stable due to the lack of dedicated regulation. It also has too few graphics card connectors for its wattage. On the other hand, it is the quietest PSU in this review, together with the Enermax.

Thermaltake’s EVO Blue series is based on the outdated Channel Well PSH platform. That’s why their efficiency isn’t high by today’s standards. These products can make up for their downsides with their eye-catching exterior design if you value the latter as highly as the superior technical and acoustic parameters of the more up-to-date PSUs.

The Vantec ION2+ VAN-600AS is the worst product of this review. It is inferior in almost every aspect to the Hiper M600 which is based on the same platform and was itself far from brilliant in our previous test session. Perhaps the Andyson Performance F platform is far from perfect, yet the ION2+ VAN-600AS is surely not the best implementation of it.

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