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Cooler Master GX 750W (RS-750-ACAA-D3)

In our previous review we were displeased with Cooler Master’s entry-level PSU from the Elite Power series as it turned out to be overpriced for its specs and to have an overstated wattage rating on its label. The GX series is positioned higher in the company’s product hierarchy and we’ve got its flagship 750-watt model. Let’s see if it can do better than its junior cousin.

The GX 750W comes in an even smaller box than the Chieftec BPS-650C. Besides the PSU, it contains a mains cord, mounting screws and a folded sheet of the installation guide.

The box is individual for each model of the series, differing from others in color and specifications you can read on its back.

Exterior Design

The PSU resembles the Enhance ATX-0240GA model we’ve tested recently.

In fact, the GX 750W is identical to the mentioned model in everything including the black and smooth matte paint.

Enhance’s characteristic fingered heatsinks can be glimpsed through the punched out fan grid. So, we’ve identified the real maker of this PSU even before opening it up.

Circuit Design

Although the GX 750W comes at the same price as the Chieftec BPS model discussed above, its circuit design is much simpler.

There is no dedicated voltage regulation here. The component density is lower. There are no modular cables.

There are Taicon and Su’scon capacitors at the output. Unfortunately, these components do not have a blameless reputation and are reported to fail sooner than expected.

Cables and Connectors

The Cooler Master GX 750W is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (50 cm)
  • One CPU cable with a 4+4-pin connector (56 cm)
  • Two graphics card cables with two 6+2-pin connectors on each (50+15 cm)
  • One cable with one SATA and three PATA power connectors and one floppy-drive plug (45+15+15+15+15 cm)
  • Two cables with four SATA power connectors on each (44+10+10+10 cm)

We’ve got a generous selection of peripheral power connectors here, particularly a SATA power connector sharing a cable with connectors of other types, but the CPU cable is obviously too short for a system case with a bottom PSU bay.

It is also rather odd for a 750-watt power supply to have only two graphics card connectors. [?????????, ????? ? ??????? 2 ?????? ? 2 ????????? ?? ?????? = 4 ??????? ?????] You can only need that much power for advanced graphics cards, but you won’t be able to connect more than a single top-end graphics card (or two mainstream ones with one power connector each) without using adapters with this PSU.


The specifications are good for a modern PSU. The GX 750W can deliver up to 95% of its full 750 watts across the +12V rail. This is as high as 720 watts. The combined load capacity of the +3.3V and +5V rails is 150 watts. The PSU claims to be able to cope with a short-term load of 900 watts. It is 80+Bronze certified.

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