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Scythe Chouriki 2 Plug-in (SPCR2-850P)

Fortunately, the second PSU from Scythe hasn’t become outdated by the time I got to tetsing it. It is currently the only current PSU that Scythe offers in the European market.

This PSU comes in a matte dark-gray cardboard box covered with descriptions of its various features in several languages.

Exterior Design

The PSU case is unpainted steel of a dark hue. It has a rough surface.

The metal is smooth in the punched-out grooves for the vent grid, in contrast with the ostensible roughness of the other surfaces. There is a stylized Scythe logo on the grid.

The back panel grid has an unusual shape of the openings. Otherwise, the exterior design is ordinary.

Circuit Design

There's nothing extraordinary about this PSU’s circuitry, either, yet it has everything necessary for a high-wattage product from a respectable brand: dedicated voltage regulation based on magnetic amplifiers and active power factor correction.

The internal component density is rather high; the quality of assembly and soldering is blameless.

The UL code on the PCB suggests that the PSU is manufactured by Yi Li An Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, but I couldn't find any detailed info about it.

The PSU has KZE series capacitors from United Chemi-Con at the output. They enjoy an excellent reputation.

Cables and Connectors

The Chouriki 2 Plug-in is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (50 cm)
  • One mainboard cable with a 4+4-pin connector (55 cm)
  • Four connectors for graphics card cables
  • Six connectors for peripheral power cables
  • Included with the PSU are:
  • Four graphics card cables with 6+2-pin connectors (45 cm)
  • Two cables with three PATA power connectors and one floppy-drive plug on each (45+15+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with two PATA power connectors (45+15 cm)
  • Two cables with three SATA connectors on each (45+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with four SATA power connectors (40+15+15+15 cm)

Just like the Stronger 600 W Plug-in, this model prevents the user from connecting cables incorrectly but the main cables are rather too short.

There are stickers with the PSU’s model name on the detachable cables. This may be helpful for owners of multiple computers with a different modular PSU in each.


The specs are attractive. The PSU can yield all of its 850 watts across the +12V rail and sports 80+Silver certification (this should ensure efficiency of 85% and higher at loads of 20 to 100% and efficiency of 89% and higher at 50% load).

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