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First of all, we must admit that PSUs with 40mm cooling fans are not an attractive choice for home users even though there are quite a lot of compact cases for desktop PCs with such PSUs.

Seasonic's Gold-certified FlexATX/Mini 1U products leave a good impressive. They are silent at low loads, comfortable enough at medium ones, but become too loud at high loads. Well, if the computer is used for watching video, web surfing or office applications, such PSUs are going to be cooled passively and remain silent all the time. They can only get uncomfortably noisy in a compact gaming system with a rather advanced discrete graphics card.

Having the same form-factor, the Enhance FLEX-0130B is downright unsuitable for home use. It gets too noisy too soon. As for server applications, its efficiency doesn’t look attractive. The lack of acoustic comfort and low efficiency are not compensated by its price, by the way. The Seasonic SS-300M1U costs about the same money but offers much better parameters.

TFX12V PSUs with an 80mm cooling fan are generally better in terms of noisiness. The Enhance, the noisier of the two TFX12V products in this review, is much quieter at loads above 200 watts than the three PSUs with 40mm cooling fans.

As opposed to the Enhance FLEX-0130B, the Enhance ENP-7025E is rather quiet at medium loads and not uncomfortable at high ones. Its electrical parameters and price are good, too.

But it is the Seasonic SS-300TGW that is the best choice for building a compact home computer. Silent at medium and quiet at high loads, it boasts excellent efficiency and high output power (by the standards of compact PSUs). It is slightly more expensive than the Enhance ENP-7025E but is absolutely worth it.

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