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Enhance ENP-7025E

At 250 watts, this PSU has the lowest wattage rating in this review since the others are rated for 300 to 350 watts. That’s enough for compact PCs, however, as many of them come bundled with 200W or lower PSUs.

The form-factor is TFX12V, just like Seasonic’s SS-300TGW.

Exterior Design

Compact form-factors leave but little room for designer’s imagination, so the exterior is similar to Seasonic’s SS-300TGW. We can only note additional vent holes in the panel with cables and a different design of the top panel (it is a single whole with the sides of the case).

There are even fewer differences at the back. The vent grid is just smaller compared to the Seasonic SS-300TGW.

Circuit Design

The main PCB is shorter than the case, so we can suspect the same hardware platform as in the shortened FlexATX PSU.

However, the interior design is much different from the above-discussed FLEX-0130B. The component density isn’t high and we can easily examine this model.

Particularly, we can see that the Enhance ENP-7025E lacks dedicated voltage regulation. We’ve noted this with the previous Enhance, too.

The mains connector is screened in the same way as in the lower-wattage unit from Enhance, but the connector itself is farther away from the main PCB due to the different component layout. Hopefully, this will have a positive effect on voltage ripple.

The standby source is based on an STR-A6069 chip (the end of its marking is covered with protective glue).

The PWM & PFC controller is based on a Champion Micro CM6806AC chip that resides on a dedicated upright daughter card.

The chip is unusually small compared to other controllers such as the widespread CM6800.

The PSU has electrolytic capacitors from Teapo and Su’scon at its output.

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