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The junior model of Seasonic's new Gold-certified PSUs, SSR-360GP, doesn't seem to have any alternatives if you need a high-efficiency ATX power supply with a wattage rating of below 400 watts. We can't recall any other Gold-certified PSU with similar specs whereas fan-less models of that wattage cost almost twice as much. That said, the 360W PSU is going to be sufficient for a rather advanced PC configuration with a top-end CPU, a rather fast graphics card and a few HDDs.

The higher-wattage models of the series are priced comparably with Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Gold PSUs of similar wattage, which are based on an Enhance platform. The Seasonic PSUs are louder at high loads but quieter at low and medium ones. They are also better in terms of output voltage ripple.

Compared to other Gold-certified products, the Seasonic G series is only a little more expensive than the FSP Aurum (and Aurum-based PSUs of other brands, like Thermaltake's Toughpower GOLD). However, the FSP Aurum is inferior across a number of parameters such as output voltage ripple, acoustic comfort (at any load) and voltage stability.

Thus, Seasonic has come up with a very good series of affordable Gold-certified PSUs. With their price/specs combination, they have only one competitor, Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Gold. However, the two series overlap but partially (the Silent Pro Gold begins at 550 watts whereas the Seasonic G series ends at 650 watts), so the Seasonic G series has no real alternative at the lower wattages.


  • Comparable to their more advanced X series counterparts in voltage stability and efficiency
  • Low output voltage ripple
  • Very quiet at low and medium loads
  • Good selection of cables and connectors
  • Adequate load capacity of each power rail
  • Low price (for an 80 PLUS Gold product)


  • Noisy fan at high loads
  • Rather short CPU power cable
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