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The X-Gold series is a double success for Seasonic. A year ago I couldn’t find any fault with the X-750 model and now I can see nothing to complain about in the X-560, X-660 and X-760. Very quiet (and virtually silent at low and medium loads), stable and neatly assembled, these are among the best PSUs available today. Although many of Seasonic’s competitors already offer products with efficiency of over 90% or very quiet PSUs, the X-Gold series combines all of the best properties. I don’t call them the best because there are high-quality products from other renowned brands, but these Seasonic PSUs are surely in the top three. Therefore, we are proud to award Seasonic X-Gold series with our Recommended Buy title:

I noticed quite a lot of small differences between the new Seasonic X-760 and the old X-760 but none of them can be called critical. The two models are very close in their electrical parameters. So it seems that the new revision of the Gold series is not a correction of critical problems or a complete overhaul of the old design. It is just an improvement on an already good product. It means that you don't have to worry if you've got the first revision. And if you are shopping for a new PSU, you are going to be satisfied with a second-revision X-Gold unit.

As for the compact PSUs of the FlexATX, TFX and SFX form-factors, they show Seasonic’s traditionally high quality, good electrical parameters and stability. Unfortunately, the retail market of such PSUs is very small, so owners of compatible system cases have difficulty finding any suitable PSU rather than face the problem of choosing among competing models. The numerous compact PSU form-factors are the real problem here. There are a dozen form-factors of that kind, so it's hard and not always profitable for manufacturers and retailers to produce, store and distribute such a large product range.

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