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Seasonic M12-II Bronze (SS-620GM), 620 watts

This model comes from the M12-II Bronze series but, judging by its description and specs, its modular cables should be the only difference from the S12-II series.

The PSU comes in a black-and yellow box.

Exterior Design

This PSU has a rather compact case but it is longer than the S12-II because the latter doesn’t have to accommodate the connectors for detachable cables. There is nothing remarkable about the exterior of the M12-II. It is an ordinary power supply painted a matte black paint.

The connectors for detachable cables can be found on the back panel: two for graphics cards and five for peripherals. Despite the same color and the lack of any labels, you cannot mismatch the connectors because they are shaped differently.

Interior Design

The interior design of this PSU is similar to the above-discussed S12-II 520 except that the case is longer and the extra space near the back panel accommodates a card with connectors.

Like the S12-II series models, the M12-II has joint voltage regulation. This is not typical of the M12 series in general. The original M12 used to have dedicated voltage regulation based on chokes, and the M12D model had such regulation based on DC-DC converters.

KZE series capacitors from United Chemi-Con are installed on the PSU’s output.


The PSU is rated for 620 watts and can yield 576 watts via its +12V rail which is split into two virtual output lines.

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