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Seasonic X-400 Fanless SS-400FL

While SilverStone’s Nightjar series has been around for a while, the Seasonic X-400 Fanless has been released just recently. It is the junior model of a series we already covered in our previous review.

The PSU comes in a small black-and-yellow box.

Exterior Design

The X-400 looks somewhat unusual for a fanless PSU. Yes, its side panels are all perforated but where is the huge heatsink instead of the top panel? I have invariably seen it in all fanless PSUs such as the FSP Zen, SilverStone Nightjar and even in the semi-fanless Antec Phantom. This PSU even looks suspiciously empty inside.

Like every other X series model, this one has detachable cables, including the mainboard cable. Interestingly, there is a warning here that you should install this PSU with the meshed panel up. This is obviously meant to ensure effective ventilation through convection: the hot air will be rising up and going out of the PSU case rather than staying in between its components.

The PSU mounting holes are not symmetric in the ATX standard. Therefore the X-400 Fanless has two sets of mounting holes so that you could install it into any system case with the vent panel up.

However, you should be aware that system cases in which there is a blank panel right above the PSU bay won’t be good for the X-400 as that panel will block its ventilation. The best choice is a system case with a bottom PSU bay (which is the coldest zone) and without a horizontal partition that divides the interior into two compartments.

If you do not trust the passive cooling, you may want to install a low-speed fan on top of the PSU, for example a 500RPM model from Scythe. Equipped with such a fan, the PSU could be installed in any position. It would still be very quiet at any load and would be protected against overheat.

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