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Exterior Design

The SS-1000XP Active PFC F3 is painted dark and gray and features all-modular design. It has not a single fixed cable. It resembles Seasonic’s X Gold series but is larger: 190 as opposed to 160 millimeters.

The fan is covered with a gray honeycomb-mesh grid (this grid is just punched out in the case of X Gold series PSUs). There is a manufacturer’s logo on the fan grid.

The back panel is a vent grid, too. Its openings are the same size and shape as those of the fan grid. There are also a vertical mains connector and a large I/O switch at the back.

The rest of the panels are black, lacking any slits or openings except for the connectors for detachable power cables.

Just as is the case with the X Gold series, it’s not simple to dismantle this PSU. First you have to take off the cover with cooling fan, then remove the bottom of the case with the connectors panel, and finally take off the U-shaped piece of the side and back panels.

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