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Circuit Design

The SS-1000XP Active PFC F3 looks different from many regular PSUs but shares many common traits with Seasonic’s X Gold series.

There is an unusually high number of solid-state capacitors, just like in the X Gold series.

The component density is high, notwithstanding four daughter cards (two large and two tiny ones), the large size of the main PCB, and the fact that the latter has quite a number of components on its reverse side.

The small size of the heatsink doesn’t come as a surprise because there is no need for better cooling if the PSU is over 90% efficient.

Again, the reverse side of the main PCB is where quite a large number of small components are installed. The quality of soldering is perfect everywhere in this PSU.

For the reverse-side components not to touch the bottom of the case, the PCB is insulated with a sheet of transparent plastic. The large cutout in the top left of the photograph is covered with a soft pad on the bottom panel that ensures insulation as well as cooling.

The PSU has high-quality KZE and KZH series capacitors from United Chemi-Con at the output.

Of course, a PSU of this class can’t do without dedicated voltage regulation: the +5V and +3.3V voltage regulators reside on the daughter card together with connectors for detachable power cables.

Chokes and solid-state capacitors can be seen on the connectors side of the card.

Resistors and controllers are on the other side.

The main PCB only yields +12V.

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