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Cables and Connectors

The SS-1000XP Active PFC F3 has the following connectors:

  • Three connectors for mainboards power cables (20+4, 8 and 4+4-pin ones)
  • Three connectors for graphics card cables
  • Six connectors for peripheral power cables
  • Included with the PSU are the following cables:
  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (60 cm)
  • One mainboard cable with an 8-pin connector (65 cm)
  • One mainboard cable with a 4+4-pin connector (65 cm)
  • Three graphics card cables, each consisting of two independent cables itself, with 6+2-pin connectors (60 cm)
  • Two cables with three PATA power connectors on each (55+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with two PATA power connectors (35+15 cm)
  • Three cables with three SATA power connectors on each (55+15+15 cm)
  • One cable with two SATA power connectors (35+15 cm)
  • Y-shaped adapter from one PATA power connector to two floppy-drive plugs (15 cm)

This selection of connectors is going to be sufficient for any computer configuration while the short PATA and SATA cables will help avoid clutter if you don’t need long ones. The rest of the cables are long enough to comfortably connect everything even in a huge system case.

I can only find fault with the graphics card power cables which are used in pairs. One cable will be redundant if your graphics card has only one power connector. On the other hand, the very specifications of this PSU imply that it is designed for multi-GPU configurations with up to three top-end graphics cards, each of which has two power connectors.


The SS-1000XP Active PFC F3 is up to today’s requirements in its specs. Its +12V rail is not split up into multiple “virtual” output lines and can yield up to 996 watts, which is close to the PSU’s full output power of 1000 watts.

The load capacity of its +5V and +3.3V rails is high enough for any modern PC configuration as well.

UPS Compatibility

Working together with my APC SmartUPS SC 620, the PSU was stable at loads up to 398 watts when powered by the mains. The UPS could switch to its batteries at a PSU load of 370 watts. If the load was 380 watts, the PSU would shut down quietly, the UPS not even emitting its customary overload scream.

That’s excellent behavior. The SS-1000XP Active PFC F3 is compatible with my UPS at higher loads than average in my tests. And if the load gets too high, it won’t scare you with overload warnings.

Output Voltage Stability

Besides other things, the user manual says that this PSU is going to keep the output voltage within a 2% deflection from their default levels. And it does:

Every voltage is always within the promised 2% deflection. The +5V voltage is even within 1% except at extremely low loads.

The PSU could start up at zero load, too.

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