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The first thing we want to note in this conclusion is that each of the three tested system cases is capable of being an easy-to-use enclosure for computer components and providing sufficient cooling for them. However, each of them has certain nuances.

The Thermaltake Element G is going to be a good choice for assembling a top-end configuration in a rather small system case. It cannot accommodate the longest graphics card models, provides a controllable highlight, and has a good ventilation system by default. It is also compatible with 2.5-inch drives (but we’d prefer other products if you want to use such drives extensively and have them installed in convenient locations). This model is also somewhat cheaper than its opponents in this review.

The AeroCool XPredator is designed for top-end gaming configurations with multiple graphics cards (including 3-way SLI subsystems). It features better noise insulation than most other gaming products, provides a lot of front-panel connectors including USB 3.0, allows to flexibly control your fans, and is compatible with 2.5-inch drives. It is a most appealing option as an inexpensive system case for a fast gaming computer that needs more than the seven standard slots for expansion cards. However, you should keep it in mind that this model requires additional fans (an exhaust fan for the rear panel is just obligatory) and needs to be set to the maximum speed of the front fan to cool HDDs properly. It may also have problems with its integrated speed controllers.

The Cooler Master HAF 922 has been around for over 2 years and stays true to its name (HAF is spelled out as High Air Flow). Even at the reduced speed of its large fans it ensures the best cooling of the CPU and good cooling of the rest of the components. This model also seems to be easier to assemble a computer in than the products from AeroCool and Thermaltake. So, if you want a sturdy and handy system case compatible with long expansion cards, the HAF 922 still remains an excellent buy for reasonable money. It provides good cooling but doesn’t offer bays for 2.5-inch drives and isn’t good for multi-GPU configurations.

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