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This system case can accommodate graphics (and other types of) cards up to 35 centimeters long. In other words, any graphics card model available today.


The cables compartment is not as isolated in the HAF 922 as in the other tested system cases. There is a large gap between the mainboard and the drive bays.

This solution isn’t effective in terms of hiding cables out of sight but is quite convenient when it comes to laying the cables out. Moreover, the HAS 922 proved to be the only system case in this review whose side panel didn’t bulge after we assembled our testbed configuration in it. It has the largest compartment for cables thanks to the extruded side panel in particular.

The expansion slot brackets are unpainted smooth metal bars. They are reusable and can be fastened with thumbscrews.

The additional expansion slot to the side of the others may come in handy if you need to install a bracket with I/O ports or a fan speed controller.

The PSU bay is below the expansion slots. You can install your power supply in two positions here. There are two rubber vibration-absorbing stripes along the protrusions in the bottom panel but there is no dust filter above the vent grid.

The cutout in the mainboard’s mounting plate is average in size. It matched our mainboard’s CPU socket very well but we wouldn’t be sure about other mainboards.

The cooling system of the HAF 922 consists of two 200mm fans (an intake front fan with red highlighting you can turn off and a top fan without highlighting) and one exhaust 120mm fan. You can also install two 120mm or one 200mm fan on the side panel and yet another 120mm fan on the bottom of the chassis.

The 200mm fans rotate at about 700 RPM and have a voltage of 12 volts.

The rear 120mm exhaust fan has a speed of 1100 RPM.

The fans are not very quiet for their size (which is typical enough of Cooler Master products) but do not cause much discomfort despite the total lack of noise insulation.

Overall, the HAF 922 (with its 200mm fans connected to the mainboard in Silent mode) is comparable to the Thermaltake Element G at the minimum speed of the latter’s fans. HDDs are quieter in the HAF 922 due to the plastic guides with vibration-absorbing pads.


The HAF 922 is quite an impressive view when assembled. The angular sides, red highlighting and aggressive protrusion at the top create an imposing appearance.


  • High rigidity of the chassis
  • Enormous interior
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy installation system for 3.5-inch drives
  • Excellent CPU cooling and good cooling of the rest of components


  • Incompatible with 2.5-inch drives
  • No protection against dust for the fans except for the front one
  • The front fan’s dust filter is hard to access
  • Ineffective fastening of 5.25-inch devices
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