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Test Results

We have only two HDDs in this test: a WD740GD as a system disk in the top bay with a fan and a WD740ADFD in the topmost of the fan-less bays.


The diagrams suggest that the Level 10 is quite competitive to the open testbed in terms of cooling. It is better or equal to the open testbed in every temperature, except for the CPU one.

Take note of the HDDs: even the one in the unventilated bay feels good whereas the disk bay with a fan keeps the temperature of the hot Raptor very low.

The Level 10 fails in terms of CPU cooling. The open testbed proves to be better by 9°C at maximum load. This difference is too large for a system case targeted at enthusiasts.

As for the noise factor, it would take a very naïve person to believe the specified numbers of noise for the system fans (on the other hand, the manufacturer doesn’t specify the distance from which that noise was measured). Anyway, the pair of two large fans in the mainboard compartment is only audible when you put your ear next to the system case.

The fans in the HDD compartment are more noticeable due to the higher volume as well as higher frequency of their noise, yet are still rather hard to hear. The noise insulation of the chassis varies: the thick metal of the disk bays suppressed the noise of the high-speed Raptors quite successfully, so they were much quieter than on the open testbed. The aluminum covers of the other compartments are not so good in terms of noise insulation, so you may want to select quiet components.

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