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It’s time to sum up the highs and lows of this highly unusual system case.


  • Original exterior design
  • High-quality materials
  • Handy front-panel connectors
  • Eight expansion-card brackets
  • Good cooling at acceptable level of noise
  • Dust filters (even though not perfect ones) in front of the intake fans
  • Good cooling of hard disks (even excellent cooling in the bays equipped with fans)
  • No mess of cables (even if the user doesn’t really take the trouble of avoiding it)


  • It takes a lot of time and effort to assemble a computer system in the Level 10
  • A few shortcomings in its design make the assembly process even harder
  • Limited expansion opportunities for a system case of that size
  • Outdated active cooling system (which affects the CPU in the first place)
  • The covers of the compartments and disk bays do not fit tight in their places
  • Poor dust filtering
  • Very long power cables are necessary for SLI or CrossFireX configurations and for 5.25-inch devices
  • Incompatible with liquid cooling systems
  • Very high price

We can’t say that Level 10 doesn’t cool well or is too loud, but it is not exceptional in either of these aspects. There are a lot of products that can cool components better at lower noise and cost much less. So, a pragmatic user may consider Level 10 to be far from success. Moreover, it cannot possibly fit into a standard niche of a computer desk and is going to occupy quite a lot of room on your floor. It is also too heavy to be frequently moved around.

Overall, this model resembles a concept car that sports unique exterior with lots of exciting engineering solutions. Unfortunately, they must have run out of time at some point that is why they had to borrow a few ideas from  mass production products (at least, that’s the only explanation of the not very effective active cooling system I can think of). And as is often the case with concept cars, the eye-catching and breath-taking design is not very good in terms of ergonomics.

So, who can be interested in this product? I guess the target audience of the Level 10 includes wealthy computer enthusiasts who are bored with conventional system cases. Despite several drawbacks we pointed out and its insanely high price, Thermaltake’s Level 10 has been around for quite a while, which indicates that the mentioned target audience is not so small after all.

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