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The affordable Commander MS series products are well-made computer cases that offer excellent functionality for their price. Particularly, the MS-II and MS-III support USB 3.0, have reusable back-panel brackets and ensure better out-of-box ventilation than the MS-I. The latter sports a more up-to-date component layout with a dedicated cable compartment, so it's going to look neater when assembled, but the MS-II and MS-III are superior in other parameters and comparable to the MS-I in the ease of assembly. These models are very attractive in their price category, but we'd recommend installing an additional fan to cool the disk rack.

The Level 10 GTS features an unconventional but nice-looking exterior. It is easy to assemble a computer in, offers good protection against dust and allows accessing disk bays from the outside. Its cooling capabilities are far from impressive, however, especially when it comes to HDDs. But if you don’t have special requirements in terms of cooling (if you’re not into overclocking, for example), the Level 10 GTS may suit you just fine. And its price is reasonable enough for its functionality.

The Armor Revo is a real masterpiece. It is handy, provides good out-of-box cooling with full protection against dust, offers a docking station for HDDs. Coupled with the old Armor design, this model would make a perfect case for a top-end gaming station. We recommend the more aesthetically pleasing black version.

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