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And like in the MS-I too, the quick fasteners do not fix HDDs properly. The fasteners are actually the same, even though shaped differently. So, as with the MS-I, you may want to prefer good old screws.

The same goes for the 5.25-inch device fasteners.

The side panel has a lot of fixing points as is typical of inexpensive computer cases. The window is the only unusual feature for this price category.

As there are no cables behind the mainboard to press against the side panel, the latter is easy to put into its place.

The CPU cooler cutout is larger than in the Commander MS-I, letting you remove your CPU cooler without taking the mainboard out of the chassis irrespective of the exact position of the CPU socket. The CPU power cable cannot be hidden behind the mainboard’s mounting plate.


The MS-II is somewhat less convenient than the MS-I when it comes to assembling your system, and the result is less neat and tidy since the cables cannot be hidden. On the other hand, you can tie the cables into orderly bunches using the included straps which were missing among the accessories to the MS-I.

The MS-II shows fewer signs of cost-cutting. It has quick fasteners for every bay. The openings for a liquid cooling system on the back panel are rubberized. The expansion-slot brackets are reusable.

So, the MS-I and the MS-II both have their particular highs and lows, but we’ll see in our practical tests which is preferable in practice.

The ventilation system is the same as in the MS-I except that there is only one fan seat on the front panel. The default fan works at a higher speed, though. It was 700 RPM in our mainboard’s Silent mode. Coupled with the larger interior (due to the lack of a cable compartment), this should have a positive effect on ventilation.

Every fan seat, except for the side panel, is equipped with a dust filter. The top filter is a perforated sheet of plastic that weakens the fan’s air flow. But even such not-very-efficient dust protection is not typical of entry-level computer cases.

The assembled Commander MS-II looks good but its LED indicators are too bright.


  • USB 3.0 support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Nice-looking exterior
  • Unexpectedly rigid chassis
  • Can accommodate a lot of hard drives
  • Offers a lot of places for fans
  • Good protection against dust


  • Thin metal
  • No dedicated cable compartment
  • Too bright LED indicators
  • Only one fan by default (but it’s got highlighting)
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