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Thermaltake Level 10 GTS

The Level 10 GTS is a simplified version of the Level 10 model we reviewed earlier.


The key concept of the Level 10 (isolated compartments with individual ventilation) is not implemented here. The Level 10 GTS is quite ordinary in terms of its interior design. The only reference to the unconventional Level 10 is the disk rack which can be accessed from the outside.


As opposed to the original Level 10, the HDD bays have no individual ventilation. The front-panel 200mm fan services them all.

We can note that the back panel, mainboard’s mounting plate and 5.25-inch bays are shaped in such a way as to improve the overall rigidity of the chassis.

Coupled with thicker panels compared to the Commander MS series, the Level 10 GTS is quite a robust thing indeed.

There’s a cover plate above the expansion-slot brackets, just like in the Commander MS-I. There are three rubberized openings for the pipes of a liquid cooling system at the top of the case.

The top panel has a dust filter (a perforated sheet of plastic) under which you can install different sets of fans or a radiator of a liquid cooling system.

The accessories are the same as you get with the Commander MS-II and MS-III except for mounting screws and a key for the HDD bays. There’s only one key here, so you should take care not to lose it.

The I/O panel offers twice the number of USB ports available with the Commander MS series: two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports which connect to mainboard headers. Microphone and headphone sockets are placed in between the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces.

Below them, there are Power and Reset buttons. The latter is smaller but you can easily press it with your finger. Lower yet, there are small Power and Disk indicators. They are not very bright and won’t distract you. By the way, the placement of the connectors, controls and indicators along the right edge of the front panel is yet another reference to the original Level 10.

The front panel is secured by means of six plastic holders which ensure tighter fastening than the metallic “petals” of the Commander MS series, but the plastic itself is less reliable than metal, of course.

You can only reach the front fan’s dust filter by removing the front panel, so you can’t avoid performing this procedure and running the risk of breaking the plastic holders.

Although not an entry-level product, the Level 10 GTS betrays some cost-cutting measures in its design.

The hard plastic feet are one example of that. We expected something better from a $100 computer case.

The cheap quick fasteners of the external 5.25-inch bays are identical, except in color, to those of the Commander MS-II and MS-III. The manufacturer might of course claim that he uses elements of the mainstream product in its entry-level products, but the quality of the fasteners is not up to the mainstream class.

By the way, the manufacturer’s website shows a different and better type of quick fasteners such as used in the Armor Revo. We’ll discuss them below.

That’s about all our criticism concerning the cost-cutting measures but there is one functionality-related problem, too.

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