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Manufacturer: HEC Group, Compucase Enterprise Company Ltd.

This company began to make PC cases in 1991 as Wei Shun Enterprise Company. Until that they had been making vehicle components. In 2000 the company changed its name to Compucase.

Today Compucase is busy producing and selling PC cases, PSUs and other components under its own brands as well as under OEM contracts. The company’s central office is located on Taiwan; they have production facilities in China and representative offices in Germany, Grate Britain, the USA, Spain and Japan. We will examine a model that ships under the Ascot brand.

Ascot 6AR

This model already participated in our review of cases for home computers, but it can also be regarded as a workstation case. It comes in two color schemes: white and black.

Two insertions for the front panel come enclosed: one insertion with two 3.5” brackets that match the color of the case; the other insertion for the floppy drive is blue if the case is white and silver if the case is black.

At the bottom of the front panel, under a lid, there are two audio sockets, two USB ports and one FireWire connector. The FireWire connector is attached to the external connector of the controller, while the rest of the connectors attach to the mainboard headers.

The left panel is fastened with two clips, one of which is locked with a key. This case, like the In-Win X710, has a case-opened sensor.

You can put as many as four external 5.25” devices into this case. To do that, you should remove the plastic front panel that is held at its sides with two clips.

5.25” devices are mounted on metal rails which are screwed to their side panels. The metal brackets that cover the external bays are held by screws, so you can return them back if necessary.

Floppy drives are screwed to spring-loaded seats on the basket which is fixed in the case with a metallic lock. The top bay of the basket can accommodate a floppy drive only; the bottom bay can take in a floppy drive or a HDD, as the labels says.

If necessary, the basket can be screwed up to the case through the threaded hole.

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