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Hard disk drives fill the basket that moves in along the guides on the left side. The drives are fastened with special screws via rubber spacers (to suppress vibration). The basket can take in as many as five devices. It is fixed with a metallic clip in the case and held by a screw in the bottom.

The seven slits for the expansion cards are covered with reusable brackets. These brackets as well as the brackets of the expansion cards are fixed with reliable plastic locks. You can remove them and fasten the cards with screws instead, if you wish.

You cannot install full-size cards into this system case. They won’t fit physically – they’ll be stopped by the HDD basket.

The case has copper pegs for the mainboard, and a threaded rod in the center – for an initial installation of the mainboard.

The reviewed sample of the case had a Micropower MP-300AR power supply unit with one power connector and a power-on button at its rear panel. To power up the internal devices, the PSU offers eight Molex connectors and two mini-plugs for floppy drives.

The case is ventilated with two 120mm fans with a rotation speed of 1500rpm. One fan is positioned on the front panel, opposite to the basket with the hard disk drives, and takes air in. The other is fastened on the real panel and exhausts air. An air filter is installed in the plastic cell of the front fan – you can take it off easily along with the grid.

Here are the testing results for this case:

The results speak of an improper ventilation of the HDD area. The hard disk drive installed right against the fan’s axis had the highest temperature.

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