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The 5.25” devices are mounted with the help of plastic rails that are originally fastened on the bottom panel of the case for convenience.

The rails are attached to the device with screws, and locked in place by a spring-loaded bar.

The seven slits for the expansion cards in the rear panel of the case are covered with reusable metal brackets on screws. There are plastic slides on the front panel of the case for full-size cards.

The DX-01WD-U comes with a 360W ATX-1136H PSU from Chieftec, with one power connector and a power-on button as well as with six power cables for optical drives, two power cables for SATA HDDs and two power cables for floppy drives.

You can install additional 80mm fans into the two plastic cells at the rear panel of the case, into the cell at the front panel (beneath the HDD basket), and into the cell in the bottom HDD basket. Besides that, the case is passively ventilated through two holes in the left panel where you can also install fans with a diameter of up to 90 millimeters.

During the tests I first installed two 80mm fans (3000rpm) at the front panel (for air intake), then at the real panel (for air outtake), and then I put four such fans both at the rear and front panels.

Here’re the results of my tests:

Like with the previous case, I didn’t test this model under a stress load without installing additional fans since the temperature of the hard disk drives was alarmingly high even in the Idle mode. The drives in the top basket (HDD1 and HDD2) don’t practically get any air, so their temperature is near overheat. The temperature of the drives in the bottom basket (HDD3, HDD4, HDD5) seems to be acceptable for everyday work when an additional fan is placed into the same basket, yet this temperature is too high for applications that require a constant access to the disk subsystem.

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