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Manufacturer: Antec Inc.

Antec was founded in 1986, in Fremont, California. Today the company has offices in the United States and the Netherlands, and its distributors are active in 27 countries of this world. The company specializes in PC cases, PSUs and cooling systems, paying much attention to noise reduction. Besides that, they make modding accessories like highlight lamps or shining fans.

Antec system cases are popular, but among a small category of users – due to their not-very-low price.

Antec Plus1080AMG

The manufacturer positions this model as a SOHO File Server, and it is actually a redesigned Chieftec DX-01. The main difference is noticeable on the front panel where there are two new indicators that are supposed to be used as SCSI LED or Message LED.

Antec logo is found on the cover of the connections unit at the front. One more difference is the air filter on the front panel. You can extract it through the hole at the bottom of the plastic front panel.

Inside, the case is perfectly identical to the Chieftec DX-01 model, so there’s no sense in repeating the description.

An Antec True430P PSU is mounted in this system case. Besides the power connector and the power-on button, the rear panel of this PSU carries a 4-pin Molex connector. There’s an extensive selection of internal power plugs: five Molex connectors, two power connectors for floppy drives, two power connectors for SATA drives, two connectors for +12v system fans, and a signal connector for monitoring the rotational speed of the PSU fan. The plugs themselves are all colored black, which is unusual since connectors of one type usually differ from other types in color. The plugs are also hard to see against the background of the black cables.

Besides a pack of screws, a power cable and rails for 5.25” devices, you receive a user manual.

As for ventilation, this case is equipped with three 80mm system fans that have a rotation speed of 2800rpm and exhaust air to the outside: two are located at the rear panel and one fan is on the left panel. The fans all have a pair of 4-pin power connectors (female/male) like the connectors of CD-ROM drives and are all attached to the appropriate connectors of the PSU.

I first performed my tests with the standard fans, and then I added two 80mm fans (3000rpm speed) to take air in: one on the front panel of the case and another into the bottom basket of hard disk drives.

The results of my tests are presented below:

Although having one fan more, this system case performs worse than the Chieftec DX-01. This is probably because the speed of the fans the case comes with is lower than the speeds of the additional fans I install in my tests. Thus, if you’re using this system case I recommend you to comply with the following conditions: hard disk drives in the bottom basket only (HDD3, HDD4, HDD5); an extra fan is in the same bottom basket; your applications don’t use the disk subsystem intensively.

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