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Manufacturer: IN-WIN Development Inc.

Founded in 1986, In-Win is among the leading manufacturers of PC cases, PSUs and data storage systems. In the past two decades products with the company’s logo have firmly established the brand in the world market. Today In-Win has offices in North America, Great Britain and the Netherlands, production facilities in China and Taiwan. Its interests are represented by 19 distributors in several countries of the world.

Unlike with the companies whose products we’ve discussed above, PC cases and PSUs of the In-Win brand are well recognized by the users due to such factors as reliability, high production quality, design excellence. Well, these factors might have come unnoticed if they were not accompanied with another one – acceptable price.

In-Win X710

The sample I tested was black, but the manufacturer’s website says a white color scheme is available, too. Don’t touch the black version of this case with bare hands lest you should leave visible fingerprints on its surface.

This model also has a lockable door on the front panel which covers all the external bays as well as the power and reset buttons.

There’s an oval window below the door. When the computer is running, this window displays various information like the current time (in two formats: 12 and 24 hours), temperatures of two thermal diodes (in degrees of Celsius as well as of Fahrenheit), the fan rotation speed, and the alarm time.

That’s not all! I found that it is possible to attach up to four fans and up to four thermal diodes to the board that’s responsible for the display, and set up as many as four alarm clocks! Unfortunately, the alarm clock can only be set to squeak with the onboard speaker, but not to do anything else like turning the computer on or off, but I guess In-Win will add such features soon. The display reports the temperatures without any pomp, just the necessary numbers. Besides the user manual on the system case you also get a manual on how to use this display unit.

On both sides of the display there are four buttons to adjust its settings and change the display mode. Below the display there’s a depression with two USB ports and two gags instead of audio connectors. I really wonder why they didn’t solder those connectors back at the factory. Such trifles spoil all the fun from the case, regrettably.

Both side panels are held by exclusively designed plastic clips. The problem of unauthorized access is solved in a different way here than in Chieftec cases (where the side panels are simply locked with a key). This case comes with a loop for a padlock and it also has a side-panel-open sensor.

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