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Now let’s compare the system cases between each other and with the open testbed:

There’s not much of a comparison here as we see the same thing in every test mode: the Utgard is about as efficient as the open testbed (and better than the latter in terms of HDD cooling) while the other two products are not meant for hot configurations. Well, they should be quite enough for regular modern computers, including gaming configurations. You may only have problems with them if you are building a really top-end computer with a multi-core processor and multiple graphics cards.


The system cases from Xigmatek we have tested today leave us somewhat disappointed. On one hand, they try to stand out from the crowd and have high potential. But on the other hand, they are marred by small, yet annoying imperfections. In other words, they are already better than regular system cases but not as much better as to deserve our unconditional recommendation. The Utgard seems to be the best of them, designed in the now-fashionable meshed-panels-and-large-fans style. Alas, its large fans might have been quieter.

The Asgard and Midgard are simpler and quieter than their cousin, but do not cool the components as efficiently as the Utgard does.

Hopefully, Xigmatek will take care of the trifling defects we mentioned in this review and will come up with even better products.

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