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Xigmatek “No Rules Power” NRP-HC1501

Although Thermaltake comes earlier in the alphabet than Xigmatek, I will begin with the latter. After all, it is the first time this PSU comes to our labs. Moreover, we don’t often have a chance to test Xigmatek’s products.


The PSU comes in a huge light-silver box with a carry handle. The latter is most appropriate considering the dimensions and weight of the box. The model’s name and features are printed on one of the sides.

The silvery box is just an external wrapper, though. Under it is a black box without any text.

And when you open it up, there is a third box! It is black again but with a company logo. Fortunately, this box is the last one and contains the power supply. This box-in-a-box structure has no practical value, but is surely original.

Besides the PSU, there is a user manual, power cord and fasteners here.

The manufacturer also offers a pouch for storing the detachable cables and a fabric purse for the power supply itself. I can’t imagine someone using the purse, though. Do you know many people who buy 1500W power supplies to put them away?

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