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Thermaltake Toughpower 1500A-01 W0171

In an earlier review I was greatly disappointed with Thermaltake’s PSUs that used the same dual design because they delivered very unstable voltages but the Xigmatek NRP-HC1501 is free from such problems. Does it mean that Xigmatek gets somewhat different PSUs than Thermaltake (this is possible) or Channel Well engineers have introduced some changes to get rid of the drawbacks of the early batches of such PSUs?

I will check this out by testing a market opponent to the NRP-HC1501. It is the 1500W Toughpower W0171 model from Thermaltake.


Thermaltake’s packaging is far more picturesque, but trivial in design if you compare it with Xigmatek’s box-in-a-box solution. A carry handle would be appropriate considering the size and weight of the box, but there is none.

When you open the package up, you can see the power supply and its accessories.

Besides screws and a power cord, there is a nice pouch for storing detachable cables and a silicone vibration-absorbing pad you can put on the PSU before installing it into your computer.

Unfortunately, this pad is not compatible with many system cases. If there are any ledges, stiffness ribs or other protrusions on the back panel of the case, the pad will prevent you from installing the PSU. On the other hand, its practical value is not high. The pad does not allow PSU’s vibration to pass to the system case, but such a strong vibration can only be caused by a defective fan. And defective fans are but very rare in Thermaltake’s PSUs as far as I know.

Exterior Design

The PSU looks exactly like the above-discussed Xigmatek except for the stamped word Thermaltake and the special fan grid.

The grid is beautiful but impractical. It has a larger surface than the wire grid of the Xigmatek unit, thus offering higher aerodynamic resistance and worsening the cooling of the PSU. I also think it worsens the level of noise (not more than by 1 or 2 decibels, though). Well, it is not the first time I see an aerodynamically odd solution from Thermaltake.

Besides, Thermaltake’s PSU only has a highlighted On/Off button. The fan has no highlighting.

The PSU has six connectors for graphics card cables and four connectors for peripheral cables. As opposed to the Xigmatek model, it is clear why the graphics card connectors are different colors: they are connected to different +12V lines (12V3 and 12V4) – and the PSU label shows to which exactly line each of the connectors belongs.

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