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Vent holes that allow installing 120mm and 92mm fans are located in the bottom, top and rear panels of the case. Two “seats” are below…

…and two are above:

And one more seat is in the rear panel:

The TNN500AF is a cut above than the previous model as concerns the cooling of the graphics card. Earlier, there were two thin heat pipes, transferring heat to the side panel. Now, the diameter of the pipes is increased and there are three of them. The blocks that absorb heat from the GPU and give it out to the side panel have been completely redesigned.

The graphics card kit includes fasteners, new GPU blocks and heatsinks with sticky thermal pads for the graphics memory chips.

The GPU blocks have been redesigned: they are intended for three heat pipes now and there are no rotational fastening tabs here, but a set of threaded holes. One block, like before, is intended for graphics processors that have a protective frame around the die (like ATI RADEON X800, 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce 6800); another is for less capricious GPUs:

The blocks mount easily on graphics cards made by the reference design. According to Zalman, the efficiency of the GPU cooling system of the TNN500AF is 75 watts, and that’s more than enough even for the most powerful graphics processors of today.

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