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Antec KUHLER H2O 620 Liquid Cooling System Review Antec KUHLER H2O 620
[04/13/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Compact, light-weight, simple and inexpensive. This new liquid-cooling system will challenge a large, heavy and expensive air-cooler.

Sunbeamtech Twister 120 and ZEROtherm ZT-10D Premium Coolers Sunbeamtech Twister 120  ZEROtherm ZT-10D Premium
[03/31/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to talk about two more CPU coolers that will compete for the super-cooler title. Read our review for details!

Thermal Interfaces Roundup, Part 2: Bundled Products Alpenfoehn  AMA  Cooler Master  Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400  CoolIT  Deep Cool  Nexus  Prolimatech PK-1  Scythe  SilMORE  Thermalright Chill Factor  Thermalright Chill Factor II  Thermaltake  ThermoLab  Titan Nano Blue  Titan Nano Grease  Zalman ZM-T
[03/27/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

The second part of our massive roundup is going to talk about 19 thermal interfaces that are included among the accessories accompanying cooling products.

“Dead Calm”: Nofen Set A40 Fanless System Review Nofen Set A40  Nofen CS-30  NOfen P-400A  Nofen CR-100A
[03/21/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Our today’s article is dedicated to a passive computer system designed for those who cares most about the acoustics and tries to minimize the noise at all costs. Looks like due to the new Nofen system, this is no longer such a big problem.

Arctic Freezer 13 and Zalman CNPS9900 MAX Coolers Arctic Freezer 13  Zalman CNPS9900 MAX
[03/16/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to talk about two new coolers that differ dramatically from one another in price, design and functionality. But how greatly will they differ in cooling efficiency and acoustics? Let’s find out from our new article.

Thermal Interfaces Roundup: Retail Products ARCTIC MX-2  ARCTIC MX-3  Arctic Silver Matrix  Arctic Silver 5  Coolage CA-CT3 Nano  Coolink Chillaramic  Deep Cool Z9  Evercool Cruise Missile  Gelid GC-1  Gelid GC-2  Gelid GC-Exteme  GlacialStars IceTherm II  Indigo Xtreme  Nanoxia Heat Buster  Nanoxi
[03/03/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Our first massive roundup is going to talk about 26 different thermal grease choices that can be purchased individually, without the cooler itself. We are going to find out which ones rock and which ones fail.

Second Attempt: Scythe Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler Review Scythe Setsugen 2  Scythe Setsugen  Scythe VGA cooler
[03/02/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

A new cooler from the Japanese Scythe Company is their second attempt to design a universal and at the same time pretty efficient graphics card cooling system. Let’s see if they succeeded.

GlacialTech Alaska Cooler Review GlacialTech Alaska
[02/08/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

The company that has been selling mostly inexpensive cooling products decided to go high-end. Let’s see how successful their attempt to conquer the super-cooler segment turned out to be.

Destroying Stereotypes: Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling System Review Corsair H70
[02/07/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

We are trying to answer the question whether another mass production liquid-cooling system will be able to outperform the CPU air-cooler at a much lower level of noise?

Seven Coolers on Six-Core AMD and Intel Processors Akasa Venom  AK-CCX-4002HPV2  Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro  Deep Cool Ice Warrior  Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium  ThermoLab bada2010
[02/03/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to talk about five new CPU coolers from Akasa, Deep Cool and ThermoLab and will offer you a performance comparison of seven products on six-core AMD and Intel processors.

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review Noctua NH-C14  top cooler
[01/28/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Noctua has recently launched an NH-C14 top-cooler that intends to become the best product in its class. Let’s find out if it is really so.

120 mm Fan Roundup, Part 2: 1350 RPM or Higher Rotation Speed Akasa Viper  AK-FN059  Alpenfohn Fohn 120 Wing Boost  Antec Tricolor 120  Arctic Cooling ARCTIC F12 Pro PWM  be quiet! SilentWings PWM  be quiet! SilentWings USC  CoolAge 120SX2  Cooler Master Blade Master 120  R4-BMBS-20PK-R0  Cooler Master Excalibur  R4
[01/25/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

We continue testing 120 mm fans and today we are going to check out 32 models, which rotation speed exceeds 1350 RPM. We will check out their acoustic performance and airflow.

120 mm Fan Roundup, Part I: 1350 RPM or Lower Rotation Speed 120 mm Fan Roundup  Arctic Cooling ARCTIC F12 PWM  Arctic Cooling ARCTIC F12 Pro TC  CoolAge Silence Fan 120DX2  Cooler Master Ultra Silent  SAF-S12-E1  Coolink SWiF2 1201  Floston Red impeller 120Q  GlacialTech PWM Fan  GT12025-LWD0A  Nanoxia DX12  Nexus
[01/17/11 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to discuss 18 fan models with rotation speeds of 1350 RPM or lower. We will check out their acoustic performance and airflow readings.

Magic Cooler: Thermalright Archon Review Thermalright  Archon
[12/09/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Thermalright one more time pleased those who value efficient air-coolers with a new super-cooler. Read our exclusive review for details!

Taming the Flame: Thermalright Shaman VGA Cooler Review Thermalright Shaman
[10/28/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to talk about a new graphics card cooler with a strange name and a very large fan. Please meet the new solution from Thermalright in our new review!

140 mm Fan Roundup 140 mm fan  140-mm fan  Deep Cool UF140  Evercool Red Scropion  RSF-14  Nanoxia DX14-700  Nanoxia DX14-1200  Noctua NF-P14 FLX  Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK-1  Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK-2  Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK-3  Revoltec AirGuar
[09/29/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Today we are going to talk about 13 fan models from 9 different companies designed in 140 mm form-factor. We will measure their acoustic performance, airflow and study their ergonomics.

Taming the AMD Radeon HD 58xx: Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 5870 and Zalman VF3000A VGA Coolers Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 5870  Zalman VF3000A
[09/09/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

This review is going to talk about two excellent graphics card coolers for very hot and very noisy graphics accelerators.

Two Against One, Part 2: Thermalright Silver Arrow vs. Noctua NH-D14 Thermalright Silver Arrow  Noctua NH-D14  Thermalright TY-140
[08/28/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

We continue discussing the duel of the best cooling products for processors. Today a cooler from Thermalright will be fighting against the solutions from Noctua.

Two Against One, Part 1: Thermalright HR-02 vs. Noctua NH-D14 Thermalright HR-02  Noctua NH-D14
[08/26/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

Thermalright is trying to regain its leading positions in the market by launching two new air coolers for central processors. Have they managed to accomplish their ultimate goal? Find out from our reviews!

Scythe Ninja 3 CPU Cooler: The Legend Returns? Scythe Ninja 3  Scythe Rasetsu  Scythe Yasya  Scythe Mugen 2 rev. B
[08/24/10 | by Sergey Lepilov]

After a pretty lengthy break the Japanese Ninja cooler comes before us in its third reincarnation. We are also going to talk about other two new cooling solutions from Scythe: Rasetsu and Mugen 2 Rev B.