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SilenX iXtrema Pro IXP-74-09/11

SilenX fans are not as well-known as SilverStone or Evercool solutions, but that made testing them even more interesting. We are going to introduce to you four models from this manufacturer, which were split in two pairs according to their dimensions. First come 120x120x25 mm fans.

Their packaging is of most common design. It consists of a cardboard sheet covered with clear plastic casing:

The cardboard sheet tells you about the “revolutionary” shape of iXtrema Pro fan blades and lists its brief technical specifications. Besides the fan, potential customers also get a PATA power connector, four self-tapping screws and four silicone mounting spindles as well as a brief installation guide:

Just like most fans tested today, SilenX iXtrema Pro IXP-74-09/11 fans are made in China.

We have already mentioned the fans dimensions. As for their weight, the manufacturer doesn’t reveal it, but subjectively, they are the lightest fans of all tested today (less than 80 g). Therefore, if this parameter is important for you, then SilenX iXtrema Pro is the way to go. Each fan has 7 blades and a 33 mm rotor. They look very elegant and attractive:

The fans design is extremely interesting: seven crescent-shaped blades of relatively big size come out of the small rotor. The blades edges are pretty sharp, the gap between the tip of the fan blade and the inside frame surface is less than 2 mm and the surface itself is very even and without any edges. Three supporting rods holding the motor and the fan are very thin and have semicircular cross-section. The fourth one serves as cable housing. According to the manufacturer, “iXtrema Pro fans offer ultimate airflow to noise ratio and no other fans on the market come even close to them in performance”. It is a very ambitious statement and we are going to confirm or deny it, since we have plenty of opportunities to do so today.


IXP-74-09 and IXP-74-11 models differ from one another by their rotation speed and other characteriatics connected with it. The junior fan model works at 800 RPM (±15%), the mainstream model – at 1100 RPM (±15%). There is also the third top model in this series called IXP-74-14 that features 1400 RPM (±15%) rotation speed, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get a sample for our today’s roundup. IXP-74-09 fan is claimed to create 38 CFM airflow, while IXP-74-11 should blow the air at 46 CFM. The manufacturer doesn’t mention the fans static pressure.

And we will talk about the most interesting feature of SilenX iXtrema Pro IXP-74-09/11 fans: their noise level. According to their technical specifications, these fans’ acoustic readings shouldn’t exceed 9 and 11 dBA respectively. These are truly impressive numbers; however, I would still suggest that we should wait for the actual results before making any conclusions.

The fan spindle is covered with a holographic sticker with the company logo on it. Looks like the manufacturer tried to make sure that no one will attempt to imitate these unique solutions. Besides that, the sticker also bears some information on it, such as fan model and its major specifications:


These fans shouldn’t consume more than 1.44 and 1.92 W at 0.12 and 0.16 A current respectively. They are built with some dynamic bearings of unknown MTBF.

Well, let’s see how good these “silent wind blowers” actually are:

I have to say right away that the fan rotation speeds above have been interpolated from their maximum speed as stated in the technical specs depending on the voltage. We had to do it in order to make the graph readable, because the fans tachometers often reported something absolutely weird. In most cases they reported twice as high rotation speed, rarer – twice as low, but even rarer it was close to reality. The same thing happened with the other SilenX fans. As for the actual readings, the only thing iXtrema Pro IXP-74 can actually boast, is low noise of the junior model. The higher-end model starts rumbling at 750 RPM already adding some obvious dissonance to the silence of the night. The created airflow is pretty weak, so there is no unprecedented leadership in offering the best combination of acoustics and airflow. The startup voltages equal 4.5 V for the model 09 and 3.3 V for model 11.

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