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GELID Solutions Wing 12 (FN-FW12-15)

Our regular readers should already be familiar with GELID Solutions Company (we have already reviewed GELID Solutions cooler not so long ago). Now let us introduce to you GELID Solutions fans.

GELID Solutions Wing 12 fan ships in a cardboard box with a cut out window on the front side that reveals the rotor sticker, part of the fan blades, four silicone shock-absorbing spindles of fluorescent-green color and fan rotation speed controller:


The packaging contains detailed info on the fan technical specifications and peculiarities. GELID Solutions Wing 12 is made in China. I would like to add here that this model series also includes 80 and 92 mm fans.

Inside the cardboard box there is a plastic organizer with separate sections for the fan and accessories:

We have to give our respects to the manufacturer for such thorough approach to packaging of a simple fan. As for the bundled accessories, their variety is also pretty impressive. GELID Solutions Wing 12 comes with water- and dust-resistant regulator with a piece of double-sided sticky tape, a 500 mm cable, four silicone shock-absorbing spindles and a company logo sticker:

The fan boasts very unusual and attractive looks. Glossy black frame goes very well with nine acid-green semitransparent blades of unique shape:

The main focus on the manufacturer’s web-site as well as fan package is made on the fact that GELID Solutions Wing 12 is best optimized for efficient work at low rotation speeds. However, at the same time this fan is positioned as a solution “for gamers and enthusiasts”, who do not always care about the level of noise. Besides, the manufacturer points out that they use high-quality environment-friendly materials to make their fans. But, this is all beautiful words; let’s get down to practice.

The fan measures 120x120x25 mm and weighs 119 g. It has 9 blades and its rotor is 40 mm in diameter. It has a braided 500 mm long cable attached to it:


When you look at the fan you notice one thing - vertical blade tip extensions called winglets that get taller towards the forward edge of the blade. The interesting thing is that we have already seen exactly the same winglet on the fans of the new Enermax power supplies – MODU82+ and PRO82+. We didn’t manage to find out who of these two companies is actually making the fans for another one, or if they both get them from a third-party.

According to the manufacturer, the main and only purpose of this winglet is to lower the level of generated noise. It must be achieved due to lower turbulence between the blade and the fan frame, or due to increased fan inertia moment and smoother stroke. Anyway, 25 dBA of noise seems really low for a fan with adjustable rotation speed that can be changed from 600 to 1500 RPM (from 5 V to 12 V) using a compact regulator.  The claimed maximum airflow is 64.3 CFM and the declared static pressure – 1.925 mmH2O, which is not bad compared with the other manufacturers’ solutions working at the same speeds.

GELID Solutions Wing fans are built with Nanoflux Bearings (NFB). They are self lubricating ball bearings with magnetic flux:

According to the manufacturer, NFB should combine all advantages of a sleeve bearing and a ball bearing. The former is known to be very quiet, however, it doesn’t last too long. The latter, as a rule, works several times longer, but is way louder. Thanks to non-abrasive nano-materials GELID Solutions engineers managed to create a universal bearing with guaranteed MTBF of 100,000 hours. Although it is no record, long lifetime like that is definitely quite significant by all means.

The specs claim that the fan can start at 5 V already. Our tests showed that GELID Solutions Wing 12 can start at 5.1 V, which is very close to the claimed voltage setting. At 12 V the current is 0.22 A, which means that peak power consumption of this fan model may reach 2.64 W. Our results turned out considerably more modest.

In addition, fan blades as well as silicone mounts glow in UV light. The recommended price for GELID Solutions Wing 12 fans is pretty high and is set at $19. The fans come with 5 year warranty.

Let’s move on to the obtained test results:

During the tests of GELID Solutions Wing 12 fan we see liner increase of its airflow depending on the rotation speed. The CFM readings for this fan are above average (we are going to offer all comparative summary charts in a separate section later in this roundup). However, we can’t say the same about its acoustic characteristics, because the level of generated noise increases sharply between 800 and 900 RPM, which our noise meter registered immediately. Besides, we start to hear the bearing rumble, though not too distinctly. Moreover, noise level barely increases between 930 and 1050 RPM (it doesn’t seem to get any different from my subjective standpoint), but as the rotation speed keeps growing, the noise level starts to increase linearly. GELID Solutions Wing 12 operates within acoustically comfortable range at 900 RPM. As for its power consumption, this model is quite average and doesn’t stand out in any way, although the obtained numbers are way lower than the claimed specs. I would like to remind you that this fan starts at 5.1 V.

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