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Revoltec Dark Grey (RL049)

The second fan from Revoltec, Dark Gray (RL049), is shipped in a plastic package with a paper insert.


Included with the fan are four self-tipping screws and a PATA power adapter. The Revoltec Dark Grey, like its cousin, is manufactured in China and costs about $9. The manufacturer guarantees its failure-free operation for 1 year.

As opposed to the Revoltec AirGuard, the Dark Grey has a translucent frame and impeller which are connected with three 5mm and one 8mm spoke.


The fan’s impeller is 111 millimeters in diameter and the rotor is 40 millimeters in diameter. The manufacturer doesn’t specify its weight but this fan seems to be one of the lightest models in this test session.

The Dark Grey’s impeller is shaped differently than the AirGuard’s. I’d call its shape somewhat more classical.

The seven sail-shaped blades have thick slanted ends and sharp front edges. Their angle of attack is rather small. The rotation speed of the impeller is 1200 RPM, just like with the AirGuard, but the air flow is weaker at 49.2 CFM (compared to the AirGuard’s 51.5 CFM). The noise level is different, too. It is 22.5 dBA with the Dark Grey and 23.9 dBA with the AirGuard. The manufacturer doesn’t specify the static pressure.

The sticker on the fan’s rotor says that the fan is highlighted and runs on a sleeve bearing. It also mentions a couple of electric characteristics and names the country of origin.

The Revoltec Dark Grey is specified to have a peak power draw of 2.4 watts. Indeed, the fan required no more than 1.68 watts during my tests. Its start-up voltage is 6.9 volts which is somewhat higher than with the AirGuard. The fan’s 3-wire cable is a mere 250 millimeters long.

There are four LEDs in the corners of the fan frame.

The highlighting isn’t very bright although looks attractive in darkness.

Thus, the Revoltec Dark Grey seems to be just as good as the AirGuard in its specs. Let’s see if it is that good in terms of noisiness and airflow.

So, the Revoltec Dark Grey is similar to its cousin in terms of noise, yet overall seems to be slightly better than the AirGuard in both noisiness and in airflow. It remains comfortable up to a rotation speed of 1060 RPM. At 920 RPM or lower the Revoltec Dark Grey is going to satisfy even demanding users. Its airflow results are average compared to the other tested fans and somewhat better than those of the Revoltec AirGuard.

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