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Floston Red Impeller 120Q

Floston Electronic Enterprises is a new player on the market of computer components and 120mm fans are among the company’s first products distributed around the world. TheRed Impeller 120Q is one of them.

The product box is made from cardboard. There is a cutout in its face side through which you can see the fan. Above it, you can see a list of the product features.


For more detailed specifications you can refer to the back of the box. The fan is manufactured in China. Included into the box are a PATA power adapter, four silicone pins, and four self-tipping screws.

The recommended price of this product is as low as $5. The warranty period is 1 year long.

The Floston Red Impeller 120Q looks very cheerful with its transparent frame and glossy bright-red impeller. Its appearance can be characterized as gaudy and aggressive.


The 7-blade impeller is 112 millimeters in diameter. Three of the fan spokes are 5 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 8 millimeters. The rotor is 40 millimeters in diameter. The weight of the fan is 120 grams.

The blades are wide and curved. They have sharp front edges and thick ends.

The Red Impeller 120Q has a constant speed of 1000 RPM. For this speed the manufacturer promises an air flow of 68.9 CFM, a static pressure of 1.148 millimeters of water, and a noise level of 13.6 dBA or lower. The specifications look suspicious to me because they are not typical for a fan with a rotation speed of 1000 RPM (the airflow and static pressure seem to be overstated while the noise level is understated).

The Red Impeller 120Q runs on a sleeve bearing with a rated service life of 20,000 hours. The fan is specified to consume 3.24 watts but my measurements produced a result of 0.9 watts only. The measured start-up voltage didn’t coincide with the specified one, either. It was 4.5 volts as opposed to the specified 6 volts. The fan’s 3-wire sleeved cable is 375 millimeters long.

The results of my tests are shown in the next diagram:

So, the Floston Red Impeller 120Q performs excellently, being one of the leaders of this test session. It stays within a comfortable noise range at any speed. I would even call it not just comfortable but exceedingly quiet. It was almost inaudible at its maximum 990 RPM from a distance of 70-80 centimeters. The hiss of the air passing through its impeller could only be heard when I put my ear down within 30-40 centimeters from the fan. Although the Red Impeller 120Q is no record-breaker in terms of air flow, it should certainly be considered by every user who prefers very quiet computers.

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